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The DomainStreets Cloud Marketplace provides single users, small business and enterprise teams a One-Click Cloud Marketplace to shop, manage and deploy productivity applications for Microsoft Cloud Solutions (and other vendors) under one easily deployable managed storefront.  Upon request, DomainStreets can white-lable a custom marketplace with your brand-identity and company color scheme (using your own domain name, if you prefer).  For major enterprise internet brands or resellers, we offer a complete 100% white label, turn-key, cloud marketplace for reselling the 600+ "One-Click" software applications within the storefront. 


DomainStreets offers FREE and unlimited access to its labeld cloud marketplace and provides enterprise and resellers a white label marketplace with NO Upfront Costs, NO Start-Up Fees, NO Monthly Fees and NO Activation Fees!*


Whether you are a small business shopping for cloud solutions for your own needs, or an enterprise brand or reseller looking to enhance your ROI with alternative revenue streams, learn more today by Requesting FREE Access to the DomainStreets Marketplace!  You'll be glad that you did!


* Access to the DomainStreets Cloud Marketplace is granted FREE of charge, however, any authorized user accessing the DomainStreets Cloud Marketplace is responsible for paying the subscription fees or purchase price of any and all software applications activated through the marketplace by the authorized account user.


Please note that software applications and services ordered are being offered by an Authorized Partner of the Microsoft Partner Network, DomainStreets.com, and subscribers to services ordered through the DomainStreets Cloud Marketplace agree and understand that support shall be provided by DomainStreets.com (or it's designated third-party support team) and is not being offerred, billed, or supported directly by Microsoft Corporation (or any other designated marketplace vendors displayed within the marketplace).  For further clarification, please refer to the terms and conditions contained in the DomainStreets Cloud Marketplace Agreement.





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